Our hybrid airplane with its patent-protected features combines the proven flight concepts of helicopters, aircrafts and balloons.

It is a promising innovation within the history of modern flying enabling endless applications to promote safe and efficient missions related to exploring, observing and communicating on our planet and beyond.

Learn more here about this innovative, hybrid equal-zero-emission aircraft and how it can help your missions.


Combining all advantages of existing aircrafts


We are able to show that low-speed flying autonomous observation drones for civil needs can fulfill their dedicated missions far better compared to traditional commercial observation systems. We are proud to say that we can prove that the long-run challenge of our invention can be successfully mastered: to create an aircraft which allows a vertical take-off and landing and which is at the same time capable of symmetrical cruise-flight while it can carry heavy payloads over wide ranges, due to buoyant gas. As a consequence we will be able to serve a new market which will emerge between fast airplanes with low payloads (Airbus Beluga) and slow ships with heavy payloads (Emma Maersk).

The benefits achieved by our innovative hybrid UAV are the following:

Vertical take-off and landing plus wide cruise flight range.

Our hybrid airplane is able to carry out a vertical take-off in the same way as a helicopter. However, through manipulation of the configuration, it uses all existing systems for the aligned cruise flight.